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+ gasket data on demand

Access data any time from everywhereUsing the API you are able to incorporate the data published on into your own apps or services at any time from everywhere.

Always accurate and up-to-date

Using the API you stay up-to-date with the latest developments at and transfer the data on demand and accurate.

Utilise the API for your Web App for example, and show updates to on a up-to-day basis. The API is well documented and can be embedded into your processes with minimal effort.

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Start using the API now

The API is a service which is provided by is a platform to manage and share gasket data. Using the data which is published on can be accessed using the API functionallity.

More info on using the API can be found on our API help topics or at

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To use the API you have to register at The API is a service which is independant from