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At, manufacturers of gaskets publish the characteristic values of their products. The values published here have been independently verified and randomly cross-checked by an independent testing laboratory. The characteristic values, determined in accordance with the EN 13555 standard, are required for the safe operation of systems for manufacturing and processing chemical products. The retrieval of the characteristic values via this website is free of charge and will continue to be so.

Who is

The database was developed in close cooperation with the gasket manufacturing industry by the research department of gasket technology at Münster University of Applied Sciences. is still owned by Münster University of Applied Sciences today. The orientation of the contents of is determined by Münster University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with a working group of gasket manufacturers, process industry, testing institutes and calculation program producers (AK Dichtungen). Administratively and technically, has been supported by the company GAIST GmbH since 2016.

Who publishes gasket data?

Manufacturers of gasket materials and gasket products could publish their data here. Apart from the required data quality, there are no access restrictions (country of origin, membership in an association or similar); without exception, anyone can publish their data here. Products that can be published are (roughly speaking) those whose characteristic values can be determined according to the EN 13555 standard.

Currently data of the following manufacturers are published at (sorted alphabetically): AVKO jsc., Burgmann Packings Group GmbH, C.S.U.T. SPETECH Sp. z o.o., DONIT TESNIT d.o.o., Durlon, EagleBurgmann Germany GmbH & Co KG, ERIKS bv, Eynard Robin, Groupe EFIRE, Flexitallic Ltd., FluorTex GmbH, Frenzelit GmbH, Gambit Lubawka Sp. z o.o., Garlock GmbH, IDT Industrie- und Dichtungstechnik GmbH, James Walker Moorflex Ltd, Kempchen Dichtungstechnik GmbH, KLINGER A.W. Schultze GmbH, KLINGER GmbH, Kroll + Ziller GmbH & Co. KG, KWO Dichtungstechnik GmbH, Leader Gasket Technologies s.r.o, M. Zilken GmbH, Matusza Dichtungstechnik GmbH, Möller Metalldichtungen GmbH, Montero FyE, S.A., P.J.Schulz, Planichem, REINZ-Dichtungs-GmbH, revoseal Europe GmbH, SGL Carbon GmbH, TEADIT International Produktions GmbH, W. L. Gore & Associates GmbH


In order to obtain an operating permit for certain plants using flanged connections, proof of the tightness of these connections is required. In addition, minimization of (harmful) emissions is also to be aimed at for fundamental considerations.

The ideal case, the mathematical verification of the tightness, is possible using the calculation methods of the EN 1591-1 standard now. The calculability of the entire flange connection, consisting of flanges, bolted joints and gasket, requires in particular extensive data on the mechanical properties (strength) and sealing properties (leakage classes) of the gasket product to be used. The necessary characteristic values are determined according to EN 13555 and can be retrieved from this verified database for many common products. is the only free, independent, and scientifically maintained database of trusted gasket data.

Who is funding

For the operation of, countless working hours are incurred every year, e.g. for the appraisal, evaluation, checking and preparation of data, incoming inspection of gasket material, cross-checks, processing of inquiries by e-mail and telephone, participation in committees, working groups and standards committees, presentations etc. The financial expenses for the project are therefore not insignificant and not covered by the budget of a research department. However, from our scientific understanding, the use of the site for the application of the data is free of charge and should remain free of charge! In order to cover the costs for, fees are therefore charged to the companies that make their characteristic values available via this platform.