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Help using the API

The API ist a interface for programs to use the data which is published at with special methods. Using the API you are able to incorporate the data published on into your own apps or services at any time from everywhere.

The API has been developed primarily to read out data securely and error-free into the software for the calculation and design of flange connections according to EN 1591-1 and to use it there. Of course, the data can also be read out for the purpose of presenting product data on the manufacturer's website or to use it in own calculation programs. The API is therefore aimed equally at calculators, calculation program developers and gasket manufacturers.

Using the API, all data can be read out that is necessary for calculations or to generate a view like the PDF data sheet which is available for each gasket. In addition, there is further metadata for each gasket, such as references to the pre-revision.

To use the API, you must be registered as a user for the API. It is not possible to use it without registration. Once you have completed the registration, you can use the API to its full extent. The use is reserved for companies. Private persons do not get access to the API.

We use the standardized HTTP protocol (version 1) as the transmission path. Various methods are implemented to log in to the API, query the status and read data. The API is versioned, so that updates in the interface never affect the current version and thus there is planning security in the use of the API. Data is transferred in the direction of the API-user only, no data can be put to the database using the data.

The API is provided via There you will also find the contact options for further information. You can also register for the API there at any time. Simply select 'Calculator' as the user type when registering.